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What’s New?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Go fuck yourself, that’s what’s new. I been brewing horrible beer and playing the same shitty songs on my banjo. Thankfully the wife has not decided to remove my head and is very supportive… but yeah that keg in the garage sucks my asshole. The worst part is i made it! like having a child and realizing it just isn’t that bright. I’ve been on a rather magnificent spree of bad brews. However I will persist. I will eventually cook up something I can drink without retching after every sip.

Beer Lately

Monday, January 21st, 2013

My beer turned out okay. It was a simple yet chuggable low abv beer. Me and the wife took down 30 22’s in close to a week by the half liter.

image image image

Bottling day

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Finally the beer is ready to be bottled! It is a tedious, labourious ordeal but it is what it is … bottling. Now I gotta wait 10 days while they carbonate.

I hope they turn out okay. If not try again I guess.


Bottles ...


Filling bottles, only 26 more to go


Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Brewed my first beer this weekend with a bunch of help from the homie. Everything went well and I can’t wait to try it.

Wort Chiller

wort chiller chillin


Maggie hangin’ out


Carboy chillin next to the homies stout

Savage yeast!

Ludwig Love & Larkin 2004

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Got a package in the mail a few days ago from Ludwig. A few weeks back they sent an email to acknowledge the fact they aint dropped nuthin new in a minute and offered a print/sticker pack for the first 100 folks to email back. Naturally I emailed back and was lucky enough to score. All you other clothing companies out there need to take note and up your customer appreciation game. Pics courtesy of the ludwigvan blog.

ludwig stickers


ludwig print


I also recently had the pleasure of drinking some fancy pants wine my mom brought me. It was this Larkin 2004 Cabernet Franc. It was so friggin good, smelled very wood infused in the glass. Not sure if that is good or bad in the wine world but I dug it. She left some other bottles I’m hoping are also as yummy.

Larkin 2004

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting this specialty bottling of Old Forester so when I saw it at BevMo last week I had to swoop it up. They also had a 75th Anniversary Prohibition Repeal box set with a smaller bottle of what I assume is “commemorative” whiskey and a sweet Old Forester sniffy glass.

Again I find myself totally impressed by what is in my glass. This particular bottling was distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2009. So it is double digits in age, always a good thing. At 97 proof it is exceptionally smooth with a splash of cold water. Initial prognosis was vanilla, cranberries, bacon. It has a nice dark complexion and looks great in the glass. Sweet flavors left the glass smelling like some sort of bourbon infused cotton candy the next morning (typical of most older bourbons).

I really like it and will be drinking it only on special occasions… maybe birthdays (durpa durp). Over time I have found that if I drink the fancy bottles like they are every day pours I am sad that they are gone so fast. So I’ve been trying to make anything over $45 last a while.

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Van Winkle Lot B 12 Year Old Bourbon

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

After many months I broke down and decided to splurge on a nice bottle to make up for my b-day, my ten year anniversary with Xty and June’s lamenting of my father. I felt I deserved a nice bottle, it’s been a while… what the hell?

I went ahead and got the 12 year old Lot B Van Winkle since I really wanted the 23 year old 🙂

I also purchased the Lot B because it was the first bourbon I ever drank neat. It was the first bourbon that I had that was just pure sipping satisfaction. It was sweet but robust and very old for its age. Albeit it is the Van Winkle way of making bourbon. All bottles in the Van Winkle line up taste rather mature to me. Perhaps it is because it sleeps in the barrel for so long.

For the money it is probably the best bourbon you can buy in the $50.00 range. There are a few other bourbons that can kind of give it a run but at the end the Lot B always wins in my book. I love the wheat and if I were a baller it would be my “regular” pour.

Lots of love for this and you should always go Van Winkle if the option is available. It’s great bourbon for the sake of bourbon, how it should be.

12 year old

Old Forester Signature = Tasty Bourbon

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Man there is nothing I hate more than when I buy a cheap lower shelf liquor that turns out to be better than most most mid shelf and dare I say… even some top shelfers! I got this tasty treat for $18.99 and the regular Old Forester is $13.99! I chose the Signature bottle because I figured the 100+ proof would give me more bang for my buck (terrible way to look at things I know but times is hard).

It was like me and this bourbon have known each other all along. It is delicious! At first sip I thought it had a copper flavor thing going but it went away. Now all I taste is good bourbon juice. It’s more on the heavy mellow side with hints of vanilla and is very easy down the hatch. I like it with a splash of water.

I am most interested in trying some of the Old Forester specialty bottles, I am sure they must be great. Just remember that it is what’s on the inside of the bottle that counts.

Old Forester Signature

Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

I’ve recently been drinking Wild Turkey 101 and the reliable Weller 90. They are good earthy whiskeys, even though they are different flavors the two share similarities as far as sweetness and oakyness go.

This week while at my local BevMo I decided to pick up a bottle that A) I had never seen before and B) was less than $30.00. Alas we have Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon a nice change from my recent regular pours.

I found it to be pleasantly fruity with hints of citrus after the initial alchohol whiffs (it is 94 proof) but even at 94 proof it was enjoyable served neat. It offered a chewy, buttery floral flavor with hints of some nutty vanilla sweets. A bit of water really brings out the best of this whiskey. The next morning my glass smelt of sweet cotton candy. It’s quite a treat.

Wild Turkey 101

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Ahh the old savage turkey juice, I know, i know long time no whiskey. I have been drinking Weller 90 for the past 6 bottles. Oddly enough over the course of the past year I have only enjoyed one bottling of the Wild Turkey, Russel’s Reserve. It was okay but I never got around to trying any other bottles. My dad and his friends used to take this stuff down with cokes back in the day so when I need to break a twenty bill last night and picked up a small bottle of WT101. It was good and reminded me of the Russel’s Reserve but it tasted more oaky and a little less corny. I actually enjoyed it a bit more than the RR.

I bought a small 200 ml bottle and I decided it’s good enough to drink right out of the bottle (never done that before) it’s a nice change from the Weller. Either way it’s good whiskey, I always sort of shunned it as it’s not too rare and you can pick it up at any convenient/drug store. But now I’ll be sure to get a bottle when ever I see some on sale (cuz I’m a cheap fuxxer these days ~ Alas the old lady is getting ever so close to landing a paying gig) one of my favorite parts of drinking bourbon is the little stories the write up for the labels. They all say great things like hand-crafted and age old tradition. I found the Wild Turkey story to be extra awesome:

“The famous name on this bottle comes from a group of wild turkey hunters, one of whom brought a special 101 proof barrel-aged bourbon on their annual hunting trip. In the later years they always requested ‘that Wild Turkey bourbon‘ and to this day it is still hand-crafted in the same slow traditional way.”

This bourbon is much like that story. It is short and sweet (not too sweet) but gets right to the point (drunk) with that 101 punch. Enjoy neat.

Wild Turkey 101

Last to bed, first to rise

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Edit: this was written at 6:34 am on Sunday morning.

Why oh why is it always like this. No matter what I do I am always the odd ball who stays up way too late and then wakes up like four hours later. Right now it’s freezing and I’m sitting next to a portable heater with a cat who is sort of awake too.

If my intestines don’t lie, it’s safe to say that last night I drank quite a bit of Weller Antique 107 proof. First and last thing I tasted. My guts still kind of burn and I might need some tums.

Overall I enjoyed this bottle of Weller as much as their other bottles I’ve tried. A few things I liked about it were the price, the color and that’s pretty much it. I didn’t so much like the taste. It’s very old timey, cough syrup sweet with subtle hints of oak. I found it to be similar in taste to the 7 yo 90 proof but it’s still different enough to favor the 7/90.

It really reminded me of Bulleit, which markets itself as a frontier whiskey. They share the same copper penny flavor and a somewhat orange hue. It’s also got a little edge to it. I found to be better with tons of ice and a little water to be safe.

Whenever I have some bourbon I find too sweet it usually tastes better if I leave it alone for a few days and then give it a try again (see old grand dad.)

Weller 107

Recent Decent Sips

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

So before turkey day I went and picked up two bottles. I wanted a nice bottle but there weren’t many options so I opted for two decent bottles.

One was a Weller 7 year old. It’s good and much different than the stellar 12 year old. Somewhat floral on the nose and packs a nice balance of sweetness and light oak on the palate. It’s a great anytime bourbon because it’s just so damn good and the price of $16.99 it’s damn near impossible to find a better bottle.

The second bottle was an Old Grand Dad 114 proof. Upon first sip (after having a few wellers) it tasted pretty gross. It had a sweet Italian sausage thing going on. I really thought it was pretty foul. I put it all the way in the back of the milk barn.

I gave it a few days and hit it after a hard day of work and it was much better. It still had a little of that sweetness and was a bit musty. I also picked up some fruityness. It really tastes like basement to me but in a good way.

I found it goes great with lemonade. The two just mix into each other and you end up with a sweet treat.

With or without lemonade it is a good sipping bourbon (just not as cheap or as good as the Weller).

old grand dad