Happy Un-Birthday Blind Lemon!

July 10th, 2015

Alright so I’m sitting here and get an email from my calendar that states it is Blind Lemon Jefferson’s birthday on the 11th (I have a bunch of blues and other musicians bdays in a calendar) so I do a quick check and that shit says it is in September 24,1893 and that he himself claimed it was in October 26, 1894. where the fuck I got July, 11 I will never know. Please note that in hunting down my favorite blind lemon tune the only video I found is one with a picture of Blind Blake.

The lesson, whatever it is I am telling you… there’s a slight chance it’s some bullshit haha

Then I’m thinking it’s a trip that back then your birth date was some shit you just kinda rounded up or down on. Only civilized people give a shit what day and time it is. I imagine if you are self sufficient farmer type back then you get used to just knowing time by what is going on around you. ie: leaves falling *must be fall*, it’s getting dark *must be getting late*

Then I threw on the foil hat and started getting paranoid about calendars and what could potentially be gained by convincing me that that is what time is and then giving me hours minutes and seconds to make sense of it all with. I get it’s a metric to make sense of things with so I will let it slide for now and put the foil hat away… fuxxors.


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