No man!

June 10th, 2015

I live right by an elementary school which basically means at 8am i hear Pharrell Williams “happy” at least 4 times. mixed in with some frozen songs, Taylor Swift and other sort of audio soft programing music. Cheesy shit they would play while fireworks go off and what not.

Yes, teach the kids that life is really all about a feeling and that if they peruse said feeling time will actually slow down while you swing your hair around an shit and we’ll all start dancing in unison to a super crappy beat with some chick takin a fat dump all over the track. Teach them that it’s all about spending them green backs but leave out the part about how they actually have to work for that shit. Them kids gonna grow to be empty vessels, the kind that turn their parents in for thought crimes.

It really is kind of scary. Better you than me though.


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