Good Shit Bruh

September 17th, 2013

god damn so i saw two things recently that made feel something for the first time in a while, mainly anxiety but hey man, that shit counts.

first was Behind the Candelabra (I KNOW!!!) I dunno to be honest I thought the shit was gonna be lame. For various reasons. But those fucks killed it. I was balled up in my couch all anxious and grossed out by their toxic relationship. And dying the whole movie every time mr. douglas was on the screen. there was just a bunch of weird shit in the movie and i was not disappointed.

the second was this last recent episode of braking bad. HOLY FUCK! I barely even breathed. For reals just watching all tense and anxious as fuck as walt’s whole shit begins to unravel. The whole show is overwhelming as fuck because this is it, no more after this.


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