Metatron Rejuvinate!

May 2nd, 2013

Was watching supernatural last night and they tracked down metatron to a lil house jam packed with books. Metatron was played by booger from revenge of the nerds and he really really liked stories.

He made a really good point. Humans can tell stories, he claimed it to be our one good use of everything we’ve been giving. Then he went on about how when you create stories you become like god. When you get to the core of our existence it is primarily based on various stories, the info is all provided for you. But as you well know the real value is in new information.

I am really inspired by those who live life by writing their own tale or joining forces with folks on a similar journey to make for a better tale with new information for a new time.

What if in retelling “the story” they conveniently left out the part about us all being actual gods and replaced it with being the image of god.


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